Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

Like most people I love it when the days get a bit brighter and the temperature begins to warm up. I would say out of the seasons Spring and Autumn are my favorites.

With spring comes a freshness which pushes me to (attempt to) clear out and get things in order so my time can be spent running around with the mini Me’s.

Here are a few things I like to do.

Number 1 – Clear out, Bin & Recycle

If you are anything like me and have a family you tend to accumulate a load of stuff! It’s not even stuff you remember buying but it clutters the house nonetheless. Its old toys to gadgets that got one use and everything in-between. Clothes that don’t fit, clothes that you wished fit and clothes you forgot you even had! When those spring vibes come around we bag it all up and give it to a charity shop or if I have the energy I use Depop or eBay to shift it.

Number 2 – The Big Clean

Not the most fun but definitely necessary. With everyone being at home more (thanks Covid) big cleans tend to happen more often. Giving everything a good clean definitely gives our home that Spring kick.

Number 3 – Fragrance

Now my love for candles and diffusers has grown exponentially since moving to our new home. It always lifts my spirit walking into a room that smells nice. For me it doesn’t have to be the same fragrance throughout the house. I prefer richer and warmer scents upstairs in the bedrooms where I want it to feel relaxing, so scents with lavender and cedarwood work well. In the living spaces I prefer lighter scents like rose, pomegranate and raspberry.

Number 4 – Flowers

I adore flowers. Any time of the year, any occasion – I’ll have flowers please. I think a simple white bouquet lifts any space. I would take flowers over plants any day.

How do you take on Spring at home? x


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